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Special Message from Springs of Hope

SPRINGS OF HOPE is dedicated to aiding and supporting victims of terrorist activities, without regard to geographical borders and boundaries, race or religion.

SPRINGS OF HOPE defends the unquestionable right of Israel to exist as the Jewish homeland, within secure borders, protecting its citizens and residents from all forms of terrorist attacks emanating within the country and from across its borders.

SPRINGS OF HOPE was shocked at the recent murder of the Arab teenager, Mohammed Abu Khadeir, and welcomed the decision of the Israeli Ministry of Defense to acknowledge his murder as an act of terrorism, and to grant his family state benefits equal to all victims of terrorism in Israel.

SPRINGS OF HOPE is grieved and saddened for the current loss of life, both to Israeli citizens , tourists and foreign residents in Israel, and for the innocent families, women and children within Gaza.


July 26, 2014, Jerusalem, Israel.

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