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“My husband was stabbed by 4 terrorists while riding his bike on the way to work. I met Springs of Hope who has helped so much. Because of them, we exist. I would like to thank this organisation. Thank you so much!”
– Daniella of Neve Yaacov, Jerusalem

“The warmth of your hearts has warmed my heart.” – Rachel’s husband was killed at 6am on his way to work at the post office. Bus number 6, Pisgat Ze’ev

“When I am alone I always focus on the tragedy. It is good for me to come to this group. It’s a refuge.”
– Hanna’s son killed in a bombing on Bus 14 Aza Street, Jerusalem

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  1. Dorothe Kaufmann
    January 27, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Mazal tov! It is a great website – still need to explore it in more depth!

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